Please see letter below from Autism Group


Do you have autism, over 18 and can you spare some time to complete an online questionnaire to help to develop a new assessment tool looking at OCD in people with autism? Or do you know anyone with autism who is over 18 and may be willing to complete an online study?

The rate of OCD in autism is still not very well understood. Neither is the difference between repetitive behaviours and OCD in people with autism. Due to my personal interests in autism, I am self-funding a PhD which hopes to address both of these issues.

I need as many adults with a diagnosis of autism (or OCD, but not both) to complete the study by following the link below. Please feel free to let as many people know as possible. The study can take as little as 20 minutes but maybe up to an hour for people who show a lot of repetitive/OCD behaviours.

I would greatly appreciate your help and hope in return for your time that I can help to develop a better understanding of OCD and repetitive behaviours in people with autism.

Kind regards,

Sam Chegwin