Welcome to L4’s class page.

The class teacher for L4 is Mrs Leversidge supported by Sam, Kath and Megan

Our topic for the Autumn 2 half term is Turrets Tunnels and Towers. Click here for an overview.

We are going to be busy!
We have two trips this term, 13th November to Peveril Castle , Castleton and 2oth November to Bolsover Castle, Bolsover. These trips will help engage the children with the learning this topic.
We will be looking at features of recounts and writing recounts about our trips and visits. We will be looking at features of information books and asking and answering questions. We will look at traditional tales and write our own set in a castle.
Number – Counting accurately. Reading, writing and ordering numbers, place value and the 4 operations Measurement: height, weight, capacity using standard units.
During this topic will look at the idea of forces and motion. We will look at the materials in which castles are made.

We will learn how we create files and then store work safely to be used at a later date. Children will also make a power point presentation about castles. Alongside these activities we will use ICT to research the topic and understand about how to use the internet safely.

Geography and History
We will be looking at the key features of different types of castles and why these were built. We will use maps and atlases to locate famous landmarks (towers, tunnels and bridges), around the world. Students will be looking at human and physical features of the local area and learning about a famous engineer – Brunel.
It is Anti- bullying week this term and we will focus on relationships as a whole school, including how to get on together, compromise and solve our problems peacefully.
Art/ D&T
We will be making detailed observational drawings castles, make castles out of different materials and design our own Christmas cards.
We will listen to music from the Middle Ages and think about how different it is to modern music. We will also be leaning Christmas Carols for the Lower School  Nativity production at the end of term.