Design and Technology pupils develop designing and making skills, learn about electronics, CAD, CAM, materials and textiles technology.

They also develop business critical skills in problem-solving, innovation and team-work.

They develop skills and abilities which allow them to become more innovative and creative when working with materials.

This terms projects are:

  • L4/L5
    Our superheroes are developing their observational and drawing skills transferring images of their chosen, exploring and experimenting with fabric paint and sewing skills to create a superhero inspired textile bag. They will be introduced to wood working skills, tools and equipment where they will create their very own Superhero Block Bot Character
  • L6
    Travelling back in time learners will experience what it was like to live in the stone ages, gathering and using natural and found materials to create their own hunting tools, fabrics and housing
  • L7/L8
    Street signs learners will create their very own street which will the name, design and construct. Learners will explore a variation of 2dimensional shapes and learn how to create 3Dimensinls shapes from nets.
  • U1
    Inspired by urban pioneers learners will design, develop and create a model skate park. Art work inspired from Graffiti artists, learners have created will be used to decorate their skate park.
  • U2/U3
    1066 – Produce illuminated lettering inspired from old manuscripts and carry out. Look at the fashions of the time. Learners will explore and experiment with materials and techniques to create their own Norman helmet, armour and fashion.
  • U4/U5
    A child’s war – Children all over Britain were deeply affected by the war: many were separated from their parents by evacuation or bereavement; all had to “make do and mend” with clothes and toys. Learners will experience a taster of what it was like for a child. They will research and build their own Anderson shelter. Explore rag rug making, using old clothing and scrap fabrics. Create bunting inspired by the propaganda posters to display in their class and make usable and practical items from old clothing.