ICT and Computing

What is the school’s intent for teaching ICT and Computing?

At Abbey School learners have experience of both developing computing knowledge and skills that allow them to become proficient explorers of technology. We also insist that all learners of proficient users of basic programmes that will impact and be used as an adult. The range of equipment reflects not only what student can access at home but also offers some students industry standard software and equipment.

How do we implement our curriculum?

All learners have access to ICT rich classrooms. A weekly dedicated ICT / computing lesson is undertaken by all classes in a project based approach. This allows learners to be exposed to a range of software and hardware each half term and make links to every day uses of it. Pupil ICT Leaders throughout school promote the safe use of the software and internet to their peers. BTEC creative media learners self manage the school radio station Abbey FM as part of their qualification.Learners understand the world of modern technology and coverage of how to be e-smart supports them in being safe online.


What impact do we see from our curriculum?

Learners are digitally aware citizens that know how to report concerns and look after themselves and others. Learners are confident in the functional skills of ICT and Computing. Ultimately the learners are e-smart both within school, within the family home and work placements as they progress through to adulthood.