Staff at Abbey school realise the importance of developing their own knowledge skills and understanding and developing this in practice to bring about sustained school improvement. All teaching staff members have been given the opportunity to develop an identified area of practice that would allow for co-production of other settings and have impact Across School.

Professional Projects for 2017-18 have been:

  • Implementing and age appropriate  continuous provision and challenge based curriculum
  • How does design technology impact upon pupils with MLD (Developing a new DT curriculum)
  • The impact that mindfulness has on daily practice
  • Enabling children to use social cues to independently develop social conversation
  • Moving forward into Post 16 without a safety net
  • How can a mandate group create a legacy to impact school teaching and learning
  • To develop meaningful co-production for all stakeholders
  • How can rights respected and P4C continue to foster independence through the curriculum?
  • Empowering girls inclusive PE
  • The impact that coaching can have on school development

Professional Projects for 2018-19 are; 

Abbey School are working alongside the Doncaster Research School on the attached project- 2018 19 Research Project

As part of the Assistant Headteachers NPQSL project alongside Learners First Teaching School a focus on the big question “How effective is physical experience and a creative approach designed to empower social mobility?” NPQSL Project