Science at Abbey is about the opportunity to ask questions and explore the World. Learning experiences are designed to inspire curiosity, provoke thinking and investigate questions. We also believe that linking creative and scientific thinking is a fundamental attribute for preparing for adulthood and lifelong learning. Modern employers want young people that are equipped with STEAM skills (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths). That is why we place such an emphasis on STEAM projects throughout the teaching cycle and why we have a specialist STEAM corridor.

At abbey we are proud of the fact that we have a modern, well equipped science laboratory. This means that our Upper School pupils can enjoy an experience of Science that matches that of their mainstream peers, and this is part of our whole ethos of Science learning at Abbey. Pupils can engage in activities that require Bunsen burners, electronic circuit equipment and microscopes to name a few. We believe that practical exploration promotes lifelong learning and our teachers plan and deliver engaging and inspiring lessons using all the technical resources available to them. We have also just trained up our first set of Science Lion Leaders who now have the skills to demonstrate fun and engaging Science and explain how it all works!

We have a range of accreditation pathways path-ways, encompassing Entry Level and GCSE qualifications to cater for the needs and aspirations of all learners.

Inspire Believe Achieve with Science at Abbey!