Notice to parent/Carers – Snapchat Maps 23-06-2o17

Snapchat have added a new feature to the most recent release which enables live maps showing where the user is. We would highly encourage disabling this feature on your child’s device.

For more information or 1-1 support you can contact our Safeguarding and E-Safety team on 01709 740074 asking for either Maxine or Ian.

Further information can be found here.

Safer Internet –

Snapchat support –

ESAFETY@ABBEY ( E-Safety accredited Feb 2017 )

Here at Abbey school we understand the every changing digital world and recognise the importance of our pupils becoming computer literate. The computing curriculum at Abbey has this at its heart and allows our pupils to become ESMART. Jobs need to be filled by staff who feel comfortable with a range of technological devices and understand how these can connect to a world of huge possibilities. However, we also acknowledge that children, through their innocence, may encounter and become involved in dangers whilst online. Below are a range of guidelines, resources and advice about how to keep your child safe as well as an overview of how we approach ESafety with your child.

Abbey School E-Safety Team

We have 5 members in our E-Safety team, should you wish to speak with us we would be happy to help. Please use our contact page or phone directly on 01709 740074. ** For issues out of school hours or in holiday periods please email for advice, for urgent matters please contact the police or CEOP directly.

  • Mrs L Windle ( Head Teacher – DSL)
  • Mr W Askham ( Deputy Head)
  • Mrs M Bolsover ( Safeguarding)
  • Mr I Burns ( E-Safety lead and Staff Governor for Safeguarding)
  • Mrs C Jones ( Parent Governor for Safeguarding)

Safer Internet Day 2017 – 7th of Feb 2017

Please find below links to resource packs and further information, the links will open a new window and take you to



Abbey School 01709 740074 or
South Yorkshire police – 0114 296 4357 or 999 (only for emergencies)
 CEOP – Report a problem or Home page
 Child Line – Home page or 0800 1111
 Internet Matters – Home page or Guide to Social networking
 Family Lives Charity  For free advice on family life 0808 800 2222
NSPCC – Home page or 0808 800 5000
Think you know – Home page
Rotherham Safeguarding Board –  Home page or 01709 336080 ( MASH Team)
DoE latest guidance notes (May 17)  Advice_for_parents_on_cyberbullying



Our curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities for our pupils to become digitally aware citizens and enhance their digital literacy. At the same time we understand that ESafety needs to be a subject that is taught continuously and works alongside the opportunities offered for pupils to use new and emerging technology.
This is why we identify all areas of the curriculum that ICT is taught, what is taught? and why it is taught? (Link to curriculum page here). Responsible online behaviour must be encouraged in pupils, and they must be suitably taught to increase their knowledge and awareness about online safety, which includes: sexting, pornography, downloading, gaming, cyberbullying and social networking
This runs alongside our enrichment opportunities and parent INSET days. We believe the being ESMART is about learning to be safe together this is why we share with you what is taught each half term (Classes overview link here) and share with you our class pages so you can see what we are teaching your child and when.
Our vision is for our pupils to be ESMART ambassadors both within school and within the family home. This year we are looking at creating an EMSART ambassador in each class so that they can share their knowledge, skills and understanding with their peers. Contact the school for further information on ESafety and up and coming ESafety events.

Parent/Carer help

Guides on how to access help >  I need to report an incident   >   I’m concerned about my child   >   I’d like to understand more about keeping my child safe

E-Safety Tips

 Tips for Parents: 6-10  Tips for Parents: 11-13  Tips for Parents: 14+