Welcome to Food Tech

Our Intent-  We believe food technology offers students of all ages a life skill that gives learners confidence to become independent and functional in the outside world leading to increasingly healthy lifestyles. It also give learners opportunity to explore a range of foods that ultimately increase their tastes, cultural awareness and skills to prepare them for adulthood.

How we Implement Food Technology – Every half term learners experience a different culinary approach in line with the class theme. Learners are encouraged to approach food technology as independently as possible. Learners are encouraged to take what they have prepared home as part of a ‘family’ meal. Where a leaner shows an interest in developing the food technology skills as a professional career we give them opportunity to experience vocational catering such as silver service waiting, preparation for working in a professional kitchen and hosting community projects.

What is the impact of Food Technology ?

Learners gain skills for adulthood through the progressive curriculum model. Where appropriate some learners continue on to work placements and college courses to study catering at a higher level. For all learners we aim to create self sufficient young mind with a passion for healthy eating and exploring new and exciting ways to cook.

Out focus this term

This term we will be looking at ways of incorporating our 5 a day. L3 will be looking at different ways of cooking with vegetables, whether it be a main meal accompaniment or introducing vegetables in desserts. L4 & L5 will be concentrating on making healthy snacks such as hummus or healthy versions of pizza. L6 will have the opportunity to discover outdoor cooking. On many occasions learners will try their dish in school as part of the outdoor campfire activity – so wrap up warm. We will incorporate as many vegetables as possible, with the occasional treat. L7 & L8 are looking at ways of making their own street food such as burgers, pizza and gyros. We will make healthy alternatives of these to introduce healthier choices in food. U1 will be looking at how to make quick meals such as grilled cheese toasties, quesadillas and pasta dishes. These meals help set learners up for cooking simple dishes at home with general store cupboard ingredients. U2 & U3 will be making different versions of stews and soups. We will again concentrate on including many vegetables and look at ways of seasoning to enhance different flavours. Finally U4 & 5 will be comparing sweet with savoury. From making savoury rolls to vol au vents, learners will discover the many uses of pastry and look at different types. We will also introduce a healthier version of each. Learners are making great progress with their life skills and this is demonstrated weekly as their confidence grows. Thank you for your support.