Welcome to P.E. at Abbey.

Throughout the year we would like to offer a range of different and varied activities for pupils to take part in. The curriculum is tailored to each class and ensure to check the PE twitter page to keep up to date with weekly PE lessons.

The summer term will see classes return to the outdoors with the weather picking up and the sun shining. Classes will take part in various summer sports such as tennis, rounders and cricket. Lower school will have a chance to take part in all three activities whereas upper school will focus in on two sports to enhance skills. All classes will take part in athletics events throughout the term, the track has been marked out so running, jumping and throwing will be on the agenda. Tuesday 1st May sees the while school go to the Sheffield English Institute of Sport to take part in a full day of sporting activities

Pupils will be required to bring in their own PE kit for their PE lessons. Kit is as follows; Green PE Polo (can be ordered from school £4), shorts (indoor PE) change of socks and trainers. At any point we are doing PE outside, tracksuit bottoms and a jumper can be worn especially in the colder conditions. If we are using the field for football or rugby, football boots may also be brought in. Please ask your child’s class teacher as to when PE lessons are.

Lower school will take part in a curriculum based on agility, balance and co-ordination that is supported through the use of a Real PE package. Pupils will focus on six key areas; physical, social, personal, cognitive, creative and health and fitness. It is a unique child-centred approach that develops the key abilities pupils need to be successful within PE and sport.

Upper school will take part in a sport based curriculum that will prepare them for further education as well as keeping fit and healthy. Pupils will look at the importance of physical activity and how key components of fitness can be used in different sports. As pupils progress further through their education at Abbey, they will be able to complete a Youth Sport Award and have the opportunity to be entered in for a GCSE in Physical Education.

Each class takes part in the daily mile challenge to enable pupils to feel refreshed and ready to learn. After school clubs are now in full flow with Basketball on a Monday and Football on a Tuesday as well as other clubs that are available.

Sport events will take part throughout the year pupils to take part in, letters and other information will be sent in advance and remember to keep up to date with all the latest PE and Sport news through our twitter feed.