The majority of our students make very good progress (nationally expected rates of progress for pupils without SEN or more) in Mathematics and English. Key points are:

  • Reading 86%, writing 79% and maths 92% of pupils made expected and better progress over the 2017-18 school year based on nationally expected progress for pupils without SEN
  • 85% of pupils met or exceeded their target for 2017-18 with 52% exceeding it.
  • Pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium exceeded progress made by their peers who do not receive the funding.
  • Our Progress 8 score is -1.29 and the highest of all special schools within a 25 mile radius of comparable special schools to Abbey School.
  • 100% of pupils either remain in education at Abbey for Post 16 (WAVEE), move to college or begin an apprenticeship.
  • exam results 2017-18

Further breakdown of these results is completed termly using the school’s own system and Caspa, which compares the progress pupils make at Abbey with the progress pupils make in other special school settings.

Attainment range at the end of 2018 : P4-GCSE Grade C

Nationally expected progress for pupils without SEN was used to set challenging targets in reading, writing and maths for all pupils.

Further Information

DFE published Data (Pre Academy conversion)

DFE published Data (Post Academy conversion)

exam results 2017-18

This analysis is based on the results from teacher assessments for the academic year 2016/17.

Progress vs Expectations per subject: