Qualifications at Abbey

We look at each individual pupil personally and plan with them a programme of study at key stage 4 that will support them for their next stage in life. For some this means GCSE courses and Functional Skills level qualifications. For others this means gaining entry level qualifications that will give them the starting blocks for learning they will need for the next part in their learning journey.

All pupils have the opportunity to gain BTEC Workskills and one other from a selection.

Wherever possible pupils at key stage 2 will be given the opportunity to sit SATS tests at the end of key stage 2. If the pupil is working below the standard of the test, teacher assessments are made by the class teacher.

We believe examinations should be encouraged where the pupil gains something from completing them.

Pupils are offered qualifications, as appropriate, from the following:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Science
  • BTEC L1 Vocational Study
  • BTEC L1/2 Home Cooking Skills
  • BTEC L1/2 (a choice of one of the following linked to career aspirations) Sport, Performing Arts, Health and Social Care, Creative Media, Art and Design
  • Functional Skills L1 and 2 English
  • Functional Skills L1 and 2 Maths
  • Functional Skills L1 and 2 ICT
  • Entry Level Certificate in English
  • Entry Level Certificate in maths
  • Entry Level Certificate in science
  • Entry Level Certificate in ICT
  • Entry Level 2 Vocational Study
  • Entry Level 3 Workskills