We realise the importance of vocational Learning at Abbey School. Vocational learning means work-related learning. Our programmes give our pupils the practical skills, theory and workplace understanding they need to be ready for employment and vocational options are selected to match pupils’ aspirations and therefore be meaningful and significant to them as part of their preparation for working life.

Pupils study units at Entry Level 3.

Our teaching and learning is built around these subjects and ‘Upper School’ classes follow a vocational qualifications timetable every Friday Morning. . These experiences provide our pupils with the practical skills, theory, professional training and workplace understanding they need to be ready for their aspirations in terms of employment.

Every Term pupils are asked to choose from a range of qualifications that appeal to their interests, aspirations and dreams. This term our vocational options are:

  • Road safety awareness
  • Craft skills
  • Health and fitness
  • Communication between children aged 0-3 and adults

Please keep your eye out for termly Vocational qualifications Updates and, as ever, feel free to contact school to discuss the curriculum further.