At Abbey School we recognise that the emotional wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance. In order for our pupils to reach their full potential it is vital that their emotion wellbeing needs are being addressed. In order to do this we are able to offer within school a range of therapeutic techniques to support pupil wellbeing….

Sensory Circuits

Sensory integration is the ability to take in, sort out, process and make use of information in the world around us. In the circuit your child would take part in simple activities such as skipping, balance, and pushing and pulling. These take place in a child friendly environment that is fun while promoting social emotional development.


Reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally. It can reduce tension and stress. It can also help with difficulty in sleeping, mood swings and can improve a person’s wellbeing.

Hand, Foot and Head Massage

Massaging will help your child with anxiety, insomnia enabling your child to relax and become less stiff.

Lego therapy

We use many different approaches to engaging pupils one of which is Lego therapy, a highly structured, predictable and systematic construction toy. We often find that pupils particularly those who have ASD and related diagnosis are particularly attracted to this form of play. LEGO system based interactive play groups provide a potentially promising approach to improving social skills in children, especially those with ASD.


We are a school that practices mindfulness in order to help the children learn how to stop. Think, concentrate and be ‘in the moment’. Teaching young children mindfulness can help them to develop their concentration, boost their awareness of the mind and body and learn to regulate their emotion (curb their impulsivity). Mindfulness is focusing in the present moment, being aware of what is happening and when it is happening.

More information about Mindfulness can be found here…