As an academy, the Local Governing Body of Abbey School has delegated powers from the Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors, which are outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation

The Chief Executive Officer and Officers of the Trust act as advisers to the Local Governing Body and attend most meetings

The Governing Body was constituted on 1st June 2016 and the following structure of Governance is now in place:

Local Governing Body
The total membership shall be not less than 7 and not more than 12.

The membership shall comprise:
• The Chair who is elected by the Trust Board of Directors;
• The Headteacher;
• No fewer than 2 elected Parent Governors;
• Two elected Members of Staff, one Teaching, one Non-Teaching;
• The remaining Governors are appointed by the Local Governing Body. Governors can be Parents or Members of Staff but the number of Staff Governors (inc Headteacher) must not exceed one-third of the total number of Governors.

Abbey Local Governing Body
Head Teacher
Chair of Governors
Parent Governor
Parent Governor
Parent Governor
Staff Governor
Staff Governor
Past Governor Bob Toms – Stepped Down 3/4/19 Interests & Attendance Data
Deborah Berry – Stepped Down 5/2/19 Interests & Attendance Data
Mary Smith – Stepped Down 30/1/19 Interests & Attendance Data
Liz Shimwell – Stepped Down 31/8/18 Interests & Attendance Data
(Previous governors profiles remain for 1 year after stepping down)

Governor Interests are reviewed at every meeting and the Nexus MAT Registers of Interest can be found on the Abbey School Finance page

All individual Governor information with regard to Interests & Attendance can be found with the Individual Governor Profiles by clicking on the names above.

Approved minutes of the Local Governing Body can be accessed below:

How can I contact the School Governors?
The Chair of Governors can be contacted on
or via the Executive Support to the Trust c/o Hilltop School, Larch Road, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8AZ, or email

How are Governors chosen?
There are different categories of Governors:
Parent Governors, Staff Governors and Governors.

Parent Governors are elected by current parents when a vacancy becomes available
Nomination Form for Parent Governors

Staff Governors, are representatives of the teaching or support staff and are elected by the eligible staff when a vacancy becomes available

Governors are appointed by the Local Governing Body.
They are selected to provide skills and experience which Governors feel are required.

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is appointed by the Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors.

All Governors initially serve for a period of four years. At the end of the four years, they can stand for re-election or be re-appointed. Governors are free to resign before the end of their four-year term if they so wish.