At Abbey we have a school council (pupil leadership team); this is a group of learners who meet once a week to discuss any problems and ideas affecting the daily life of our school.

The school council consists of 1 member from each class, starting from L1 through to U5. Post-16 WAVEE also have their own student leadership team.

Due to us having an effective school council every child at Abbey is given a voice and a chance to make changes. It helps our school develop as a caring community where pupils, teachers and parents/carers work together to reach shared goals.

They help the Senior Leadership Team and Governors make the right decisions for the school and advise on ways that we can improve. They meet monthly and take their roles and responsibilities very seriously.

Currently the Pupil Leadership Team are developing the following things-

  • Library development
  • Radio Station development
  • Red box initiative
  • E-safety throughout school
  • Use of mobile phones
  • Worry Club / Zone
  • How to involve the youngest learners into school council.


“The school council feel proud that we are able to openly discuss matters that are important to us. We believe we have the respect of our staff and they allow us to really influence change in our school.” – Megan and Tom

“I love being a Lion leader because it shows staff trust me and I am a responsible leader . I Lead at Lunch times, through school council and now lead in l1” – Joe

“I love being on the council and sharing what we have been talking about with the adults and kids in my class.” – Emily

Abbey Ambassadors spoke to NPQH aspiring headteachers to ‘tell their story of the school life so far”.
3 of our young athlete role models spoke to County Wide Leadership conference telling their  story and inspiring over 180 young people. Impact feedback from both audiences and our children showed massive impact and also that our children had  influenced change.

“I loved it, i was really nervous but I overcame my fears and feel proud of myself.” – Bradley