At Abbey we have a school council; this is a group of children who meet once a week to discuss any problems and ideas affecting the daily life of our school.

The school council consists of 1 member from each class, starting from L1 through to U5. We are currently looking at fundraising ideas, how to make our playground better and what we can do to help our community. WAVEE also have their own student leadership team.

Due to us having an effective school council every child at Abbey is given a voice and a chance to make changes. It helps our school develop as a caring community where pupils, teachers and parents/carers work together to reach shared goals.

The following pupils were voted for by pupils at Abbey School to form a Pupil Leadership Team.

They help the Senior Leadership Team and Governors make the right decisions for the school and advise on ways that we can improve. They meet monthly and take their roles and responsibilities very seriously.

What do our pupils think of #teamabbey ? See our Pupil Voice Booklet July 2017