School Uniform

The School have adopted a code of school dress with a range of widely available items. We believe that wearing uniform prepares children for later life and the rules we have to adhere to as adults.

Some special items with the school logo (sweatshirts, polos) are available from school via the website or Reception. We do carry a small stock but only for emergencies and to try on sizes All items of school dress should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. We ask that you respect the uniform policy.

When your child is celebrating their birthday on a school day they are allowed to come in their own choice of clothes.

Year 10 and Year 11 Classes

Pupils in year 10 and 11 will have a slightly different uniform available to them. Instead of the green school jumper you will be able to buy a green zipper hoodie instead. These are available from the school office in a range of sizes.For the rest of the school we are also able to offer a black school coat and a green coloured cardigan if you would prefer these for your child.

Post-16 Students are given the freedom to choose suitable school dress. We do offer a grey zipper with the school logo on if this helps give your child a little support with school life. These are available from school.

Please contact the school reception for help with uniform.

School Clothing List

  • Skirt / trousers / tracksuit bottoms in black or dark grey (no jeans please)
  • Abbey School white polo shirt with or without the logo
  • Abbey School green sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Black shoes or black trainers-no flimsy shoes, flip flops or boots (except in extreme weather)
  • Girls green gingham dress or black shorts are an alternative for warmer weather
  • Black socks or tights
  • PE Kit – Green T-shirt, Black shorts, Trainers or plimsolls.

We do not allow pupils to wear jewellery apart from a plain stud earing if ears are pierced. These must be removed for PE lessons. A sensible watch is also allowed.
If you would like to order anymore uniform for your child, it is available at Pinders School Uniform Shop . They can be visited at the two following local locations.

16 College Walk,
S60 1QB
Phone 01709 720043


Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre
S20 7PL
Phone 0114 2513275

Alternatively visit Johnny D Schoolwear

Johnny D
33 Howard Street
S65 1JQ