Personal Development Overview
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The personal development of our pupils begins as soon as they walk through our doors. Wellbeing is at the heart of our curriculum we care passionately about our pupils Personal Development. Our aim is to teach our pupils that being part of #teamabbey is not just about the academic, vocational or technical, but to teach them how to navigate through life, safely happily and healthily.

At Abbey we cover elements of personal development and their protected characteristics within pupils' lessons but it is driven by our whole school ethos of pupils inspiring each other to believe that they can achieve. We want every child to leave the school feeling confident, unique and proud and feel prepared to tackle any challenge they may face. We are a Rights Respecting School and our pupils link their rights to learning and real-world outcomes.

Children are growing up in a world that is constantly changing and it is the duty of all the staff at school in partnership with our families to teach the children transferable life skills. We teach children about the world around them, relationships, emotions, reproduction and health, as well as transferable skills to help with life. We consistently promote the British values and our school values through our curriculum and a house teams, our PSHRE lessons and also through several Personal Development events each half term.

Our pupils' aspirations are listened to and linked to opportunities around the world of work not only through work experience but through Lion Leadership, STEAM Street and curriculum links.