Post 16 - WAVEE
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Zoe Ross
Donna Lewis
Michelle Puente
Post 16 at Abbey School works on 'Pathways'. These Pathways indicate how long a learner will remain with us before moving to their next destination. Sometimes a learner may not know how long they want to stay when they first arrive so the Pathways can be flexible in order to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual learner. All learners access English, maths and PHSCE learning. In the first year, they also access BTECs in Workskills and Vocational Study, travel training, leisure and community and ICT and for some learners this continues beyond the first year. Many learners access substantial work experience from the second year based on their aspirations, for some learners it is more appropriate for this to take place in the first or third year they are with us...everything is personalised and based on individuals.

There is no set timetable for learners in their 2nd and 3rd years with us as these learners spend a lot of time on work experience. For these learners, learning and teaching is provided through a menu system which enables learners to access lessons and tasks when they are in the building even if this is a different day to other learners in their same year with us; this is another way that we can ensure learning is personalised for individuals. All qualifications continue in English and maths despite being on work placement for much of the time.

Core Curriculum

We will be following the core subjects of English, Maths and ICT,

working towards a range of qualifications.


This year we will be covering BTEC Vocational and Work skills exploring our contribution to our community.


Developing skills in employability, teamwork and technological literacy. Reflect on our skills, qualifications and positive qualities. Problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Rights Respected

Introduction to what a right is and why they are important. This will be linked to online safety.

Class Video