Immersive Learning
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Our Approach

Our approach to Immersive learning allows our pupils to have a learning space that puts them in the middle of what they are learning about.

Exposure to topics in this way encourages our children to make further links across their curriculum.

Engagement in learning is fostered through the four-underpinning cornerstones.

What our students say

"Music in corridor helps you feel like you are going somewhere different- it seems exciting."

"I like the castle - you really know what you are learning about in here."

"Things hanging from the ceiling are good they help you understand and feel different."

"The question is great- it really makes you think doesn't it? I like the objects around it 'cos you know what its about."

What our visitors say

"Provision is super engaging - I wanted to get stuck in and learn too!"

"Learning is so hands on, displayed in a way where children can interact with it."