Lower 2
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Miss Day
Summer is here in L2, and we are exploring 'Why are sunflowers yellow?'.

Let's go outside, to explore everything that summer has to offer. In this project, we'll learn all about summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during the warmer months. We'll go for walks to look for signs of summer, and use our senses to explore the season.

We will learn about the traditional story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and find some magic beans. We will grow our own sunflowers and record the changes we observe. We will look at a range of plants and flowers and create art work using flowers and leaves to print as well as creating our own observational drawings like Van Gogh.

We will create a weather forecast and make sure the weather is nice so we can plan, design and create a picnic to share with our grown ups.
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