E-Safety for Families
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It's no secret that kids love the internet - and with a whole world of images, videos, sound and even friends available at the tap of a button, it's no wonder.

Social media is an ever-evolving world, with new apps, features and settings cropping up every month. While it helps to stay on top of the trends, the best way you can protect your children is encouraging them to be open and honest about their experiences as they explore the web for themselves.

These discussions aren't just a matter of keeping your children safe online in the short term - they also lay the foundations for internet etiquette, which is an increasingly vital skill.

As families looking back on our own childhood, we had playgrounds to play in; to run in the fields, slide down slides and play make believe with our friends. It was a place where we could explore, and learn, and grow, and play.

Would we expect children to play here on their own, unsupervised, in a playground? The resounding answer would be no, and therefore, the virtual playground provided by the internet also requires supervision and guidance.

As online media takes a more and more central place in the way we interact with others, it's both necessary and rewarding to help our young people on their journey to becoming fully-fledged online citizens.

E-Safety Team
Whilst ll our staff are trained in E-Safety We also have our School E-Safety team, should you wish to speak with us we would be happy to help.

Please use our contact page or phone directly on 01709 740074.

For issues out of school hours or in holiday periods please email abbey.safe@nexusmat.org for advice, for urgent matters please contact the police or CEOP directly.

  • Ms L Shimwell (DSL)
  • Mrs M Bolsover ( Safeguarding - Deputy DSL)
  • Mr T Gee (Deputy DSL
  • Mrs L Windle ( Executive Head Teacher - DDSL )
  • Mr W Askham ( Head of School - DDSL
  • Mr I Tankard ( Governor for Safeguarding )
E-Safety in the  Curriculum

Safeguarding children online is interwoven into the curriculum at Abbey, with particular focus on computing, PSHE and Rights Respecting . By prioritising safeguarding as a thread throughout, this ensures that the skills and knowledge that children require to keep themselves safe is consistently taught.

We've got some pointers to help you navigate the online playground, and make sure it remains a safe place for kids to develop their digital skills. Here are some helpful overviews on various different internet sites, gaming and online content to support you and your child online