The House System at Abbey is used to give our children a further sense of belonging . We have four houses named after the values we encourage our children and staff to show:

Courage, Attitude, Respect and Heart.

We meet for House assemblies and meet in Houses for special events . Every class is divided into 4 houses. Staff are also put into the 4 houses. Children  will meet other children from all year groups in their house.

Houses and house events give a sense of belonging to our pupils and promote Fundamental British Values. They act as a driver to  build confidence, resilience and opportunities to engage with society within school and beyond the school gate.

Our House System is the foundation for Promoting PD and protected Characteristics beyond the classroom  

Children collect House Points to spend in the School Shop. Everyone of our house points is worth a penny. This gives pupils a chance to learn about finical viability and promote key life skills. Pupils also earn house points for Lion Leadership roles and working on the schools STEAM Street.