Immersive Learning is about so much more than moving tables out of classrooms. It’s about providing a learning space that puts the young person right in the middle of what they are learning about.

What our students say (taken from a recent walk through)

“Music in corridor helps you feel like you are going somewhere different- it seems exciting.”

“I like the castle – you really know what you are learning about in here.”

“Things hanging from the ceiling are good they help you understand and feel different.”

“The question is great- it really makes you think doesn’t it? I like the objects around it ‘cos you know what its about.”

What our visitors say

“Provision is super engaging – I wanted to get stuck in and learn too!”

“Learning is so hands on, displayed in a way where children can interact with it.”

If you would like to visit our immersive learning environments please contact Mrs L Windle via the contact page. Abbey School welcomes all learners and schools.