We love offering and running extra curricular clubs at Abbey school. We find that children love attending as they are able to try an activity in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. At after school club children get the chance to make friends with children from other classes  and other year groups. They will also  meet staff that they might not normally meet in school.

We offer a range of clubs which have included; football, summer sports, DT, ICT, crafts, Makaton, performing arts. We are always open to suggestions from children and their families/ carers for new clubs to try.

Sometimes we invite other deliverers into school to run clubs. For many children this has then given  them the courage to attend community clubs run by the same coaches.

Our clubs are fully inclusive , we also invite children from local mainstream schools to join our clubs to give our children broader experiences and to help develop understanding within our local community.

We offer a range of club opportunities based around children’s jobs on Steam Street.

Extra curricular clubs run after school from 3.20 to 4.30 and children are picked up by Parents and Carers after the club. Contact the  school office to join a club.