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Miss. Day
Giovanna Labarbera
Georgia Ardron
Hollie Smith
Why is water wet?

Through the 'on the beach' topic we will explore beaches and being at the seaside; we will explore a range of animals and plants that live at the seaside and there features. We will explore holidays now and in the past and will look at images of you and your family on holidays; how are these different to holidays in the past. We will look at the importance of staying safe in the sun, how we can do this as well as how to care for our planet and why that is important.

Supporting your child at home

Share a story before bed; help me recall what happened or predict what will happen

Listen to nursery rhymes on the BBC website

Let me mark make and express my ideas

Explore rhyming words

Our Books this term

BBC Teach School Radio - EYFS Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Who is hiding at the seaside - Katharine McEwen

Exploring Rock Pool - Jill McDougall

The night Pirate - Peter Harris

Goldilocks and the three bears

Row Row Row your boat

Commotion in the ocean

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