Pupil Leadership
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Pupil Leadership at Abbey

Lion Leadership runs through the heart of our school. All children and adults are encouraged to show the House Values of Courage, Heart, Good Attitude and Respect in our daily lives. These values underpin our Lion Leadership and promote further personal development. Our Lion Leadership program in school was inspired the success of our Youth Sports Trust Leadership Schemes

At Abbey we have a Pupil Parliament who meet once a week to discuss any ideas or challenges affecting the daily life of our school.

We also have Pupil Parliamentarians that represent our pupils Trust wide to bring about change beyond the school gate.

We felt so proud when Ofsted reported that our Pupil Parliament was EXCEPTIONAL.... But we knew that ... it was so lovely when they said - "seek to represent the views of all pupils and has put in place a wide range of initiatives to support others."

The school council consists of 1 member from each class, from L1 through to Post-16 WAVEE

Every child at Abbey is given a voice and a chance to make changes. It helps our school develop as a caring community where pupils, teachers and families work together to reach shared goals.

Our Leadership systems are seen below and all are held together by our fabulous school council They help the Senior Leadership Team and Governors make the right decisions for the school and advise on ways that we can improve