School Overview
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What is my child learning?
We want all of our pupils to leave us as a successful Abbey Learner. We want our children to be safe, happy confident individuals that are inquisitive about their learning and the world they live in. They are resilient, resourceful and collaborative learners that have high aspirations and are proud of their achievements.

Visit the class pages to see exactly what's happening in your child's class, including class videos, twitter feeds and their current topic content. We recognise the importance of talking about school and we think your child's class page will help you to do this. Also have a look at the text your child is currently reading and don't forget to ask them about what's currently happening as they whiz through it.

Below is a brief overview of each school department.

Lower School
Fun: our pupils are provided with fun learning spaces and opportunities.

Collaboration: our pupils learn to work together to be better than they were last time. Collaboration is a key feature and each class is a team who work together.

Success: our pupils celebrate with staff and each other the successes they have even when they have found things tricky or maybe got things wrong the first time and are successful through our individualised approach in terms of learning opportunities and curriculum.

Positivity: our pupils work alongside staff who are positive about what each individual can achieve and the progress they can make in all areas of their life.

Security: our pupils are nurtured and valued for their individuality in order to feel secure in who they are, who they are with and where they are. They know that staff value them and enjoy their company and that no negative thing they do will change that. Many pupils begin their time at Abbey in a Lower School class and we ensure a successful transition meets the wellbeing needs of our young pupils.
Upper School
We want upper school to be a happy exciting place to be and learn.

Upper school aims to prepare us to make a positive difference in our school and communities and to have aspiration for paid employment and independence.

Through respectful relationships we show each other kindness and love.

We know we have a voice, we celebrate our strengths and are confident to take risks and learn from our mistakes.

We are proud to be part of #TeamAbbey
We are very excited about this collaborative project that has allowed a cohort of KS3 and KS4 pupils to have access to specialist support within a mainstream setting at Horizon Community College in Barnsley.

The vision is to provide inclusive, supportive and child centred learning experiences.

The learning journey of each child is highly personalised, flexible and relevant to their aims and ambitions within school and into their adult life.

Positive links with a strong and dynamic mainstream school provide the greatest range of learning opportunities possible.

We strive to find the right amount of challenge and support that will push each child to fulfil their potential academically and personally.

Our curriculum is innovative and evidence based and allows learners to foster life-long learning and thinking skills for life beyond the classroom.

Post 16 (WAVEE)
At WAVEE we want to show we are the true champions of #teamabbey. Through our actions, words and deeds we want to prove we can Inspire, Believe and Achieve our dreams and ambitions.

At WAVEE we have three pathways that are highly personalised and tied to our young people's aspirations and future destinations. Students have the opportunity to achieve academic and essential skills building on their personal qualities and focusing on career opportunities for future education, training and employment. Whilst the curriculum for some of our young people will develop vocational and life skills to enable living and working as independently as possible. We will explore our career aspirations and access the opportunities for Work Experience and employment.

As WAVEE we will develop our physical and mental wellbeing through a range of immersive experiences, personalised interventions and the PHSE curriculum. Our vision is to be unrelenting student champions as outstanding role models working in co -production with our thriving employment community. We are passionate about showing that it is possible for all young people to experience a positive transition to adulthood; to achieve independence, employability and Life Long Learning.