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About Horizon Hub & Oasis

2021-11-12-1636721581--Rach.jpgI am so excited to introduce our Abbey @ Horizon Hub Team.

We feel enormously privileged to be part of Team Abbey @ Horizon as we believe that our unique setting offers a wealth of opportunities.

We are dedicated to teaching in innovative and engaging ways and to promoting an inclusive, person centred approach to education.

We believe strongly in the ethos of unconditional positive regard for all our students and their communities.

Wellbeing , personalisation and care are at the heart of our curriculum . In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our amazing young people, we strive unremittingly to forge strong links with our families and wider communities.

Our Why

To provide a personalised education offer that enjoys the benefits of mainstream provision whilst supported by highly trained specialist staff.

No child should be limited by the constraints of a setting, at the Abbey @ Horizon Hub pupils enjoy the best of both worlds; mainstream and special.

Our How

Through the close working relationship with our partner school Horizon Community College and the expertise and experience of staff here at Abbey School, we have developed a curriculum based upon extensive research. This allows pupils the freedom to explore their skills and abilities in mainstream, but come back into the Hub to keep their core skills in numeracy and literacy moving forwards at their own pace.

Abbey School worked closely with the Doncaster Research School to develop a curriculum offer that is highly personalised and is based upon a range of daily challenges. Each day pupils can independently choose when and how to complete their tasks. Staff work closely alongside pupils, acting as a support and facilitator, ensuring that every pupil is stretched and challenged

Our So What? (What our pupils say)
  • "I like the fact that we can sit on settees and beanbags"
  • "We meet our friends at break time"
  • "The school dinners are brilliant"
  • "Its like a family"
  • "The staff make me feel like I can do a good job"
  • "Going to the library is brilliant"
  • "I was scared before I came and now I think it's great"
  • "I like my teachers they are the best"
  • "We get to do PE and I really like that"
  • "I Love every one of my lessons"