Post-16 / WAVEE Hub Overview
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About WAVEE Hub
Welcome to the WAVEE Hub Post 16 Section of our website. We are immensely proud of the outcomes that our pupils gain after being part of our thriving community. Our pupils enter the Hub on a 1, 2 and 3 year Pathways.

These pathways allow our pupils to develop not only their skills and knowledge, but prepare them for their next steps in adulthood. The curriculum is built around opportunities for Employment Community Inclusion, good health and Independence.

If you are considering Post 16 and want to find out more about what we do you are in the right place. Below you will be able to find out about what we do, how we do it and why we are so passionate about the journey into adulthood.

Our Why

Our WAVEE curriculum is carefully designed to to address the needs of every pupil. We believe that we have created a curriculum that puts wellbeing, academic achievement and careers and enterprise at its heart.

Our curriculum encompasses the preparing for adulthood outcomes that include opportunities for; Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health.

Our learning is driven through Rosenshine's Principles which allow a structure to lessons that builds, reflects, revisits and reinforces knowledge and skills

Our How
Our WAVEE Curriculum is delivered through our 3 Pathways that are personalised further through individual flight paths that are linked to our pupils aspirations. All pupils have access to employment based opportunities as part of their curriculum entitlement. The delivery of the curriculum is enhanced further still through the Abbey Learning Cycle that promotes how pupils know more and do more with their learning.

Every pathway in the WAVEE Hub as access to the curriculum offer in differing weighting. The Curriculum is delivered through 6 Areas. These are

The Core Offer: English, Maths, ICT, PHSE/SRE that includes Rights Respecting

Preparation for Adulthood: BTEC Life skills, Participation in the community projects, understanding of health services and independent living with careers advice and opportunity and Employment based opportunities.

Interventions: Putting wellbeing at the Heart of the Curriculum allowing pupils access to a range of personalised and small group interventions where identified. This also includes support with transitions to next steps.

Internships and Work Experience: Linked to pupils Flight Paths and aspirations through links with Abbey School's STEAM Street, Trust based work opportunities as well as local business.

Leisure: Pupils will develop their understanding and use of leisure facilities in their community and beyond. Travel Training is an integral part of this area in the curriculum.

CPD: Pupils have access to develop their knowledge and understanding of their chosen work place ad career through individually matched CPD units linked to their Flight Path.
Our So What?
It is vital that are pupils are prepared for their next steps into adulthood and the design of the WAVEE Curriculum has delivered outcomes that we are immensely proud of. All our pupils have successfully transitioned into either training, education or employment as their next steps. From these 73% of pupils went into employment based opportunities 2021-22 and 85% in 2020-21. You can read some of the success stories in our alumni Section.